Mini DH Projects

Survey and Visualization

For this assignment, students created a digital survey and collected data to answer a humanities-based research question. Click on the image to access the projects.

Two-minute Poem

This assignment was an outgrowth of our unit on creativity.

Library Environmental Scan: Infographic

For this assignment, students researched and visualized data about the library’s collection and about holdings on a specific topic.

Group Timeline JS: House Music and Sonnet Tradition

  • Students in the Chicago House group created a timeline to explain the evolution of house music.
  • Students in the Sonnet tradition group created a timeline to explain the evolution of the sonnet form.

Students worked on the Timeline project over 3 class sessions. You will see that the timelines are rough drafts. With more time, the students report that they would do global and local revisions to improve the accuracy and design of the project.